Web Development

Did you know that WordPress powers 25% of all websites on the web? That’s because it is a rock solid Content Management System that is reliable, fast and has a HUGE team working on it at all times. From mobile to e-commerce to blogs to everything in between, custom-built WordPress sites are the way to go!

So if you have an existing website or are starting afresh, I can take you there with a plan that will get your brand noticed.

Web Design

Creating a gorgeous website for your business isn’t just about how it looks. It’s got to have substance, as in it’s got to be mobile responsive, interactive,  engaging and of inspiring intelligence.

So while you can’t always judge a book by its cover, if it’s a WordPress site created by yours truly then, wow! You most certainly can.

Content Management & Strategy

Telling your story in a way that is not only engaging but also strikingly memorable, gives your customers exactly what they want. I will work with you on your brand to craft it in a way that turns heads. Think SEO and analytics, optimizing all aspects of your site so it struts like it should.

Because when you’re that gorgeous they can’t help but look.

Case Studies

Check out the latest projects aka case studies.  If you see elements you like please jot them down, I’ll wait. Just kidding!

I would love to talk to you about how we can work together your existing site or develop and design a brand spanking new one.

Case Studies

Omnifood – This is a food delivery site, with a fresh take on how it’s done.


Shirt Store – A clean-looking e-commerce site and shop that sells branded and custom t-shirts.


Pro Headphones – This test site is a customized WordPress theme to showcase the simplicity and ease of basic design and structure. An e-commerce store can be added quite easily.


LA Blog – This is a website dedicated to blogging about web development and design.


Accelerate – A marketing agency website still in progress.

And last but not least, the site you’re currently on! It’s based on the twentyseventeen theme by WordPress. Sweet, right?


Hi, I’m Lee-Anne. WordPress Web Developer

With over five years working with WordPress as a writer and editor and now as a web developer I can help you turn your vision for your business into reality on the webs.

I offer web development and design services along with maintenance packages from as low as $59 a month.

So if you have a dream to take your business to the next level you definitely need a fully customized WordPress site that will get noticed. And deliver on your dreams. I’ll keep your site running beautifully, fully optimized and up-to-date and completely secure.

Now doesn’t that sound like a weight off?

I’d love to talk to you about your project so head on over to the CONTACT page and drop me a line.


In my free time, I’m forging the path to a glorious life with my little family and hope to be a dog mama one day.




I’d love to meet you for coffee to discuss how we can work together to build your business site. Not in Vancouver, BC? Not a problem! That’s the beauty of the web!

Leave me a message and let me know how I can help you. or How to choose the right one for your blog

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