How Does it Work?

Work Flow 101

Meeting ~ Coffee?

We meet to get to know each other. You know what you want and even if you don’t I can help you get there. We’ll discuss your vision and ways it can translate to a website you’ll love.

Assessment of Current Website

If you have a current website that needs a refresh or even a complete overhaul, it doesn’t matter. We can work with what you have. Don’t have one? We’ll start from scratch.

Design Elements

Bring your brand to the web in a purposeful way means starting with the basic design. Interpreting your overall message and mission will scope the look and feel. Next we’ll work within a palette of colours to create your logo design and outline your style guide. With these elements in place we’re ready for scratch layouts!

Scratch Layouts

Simply put, scratch layouts are sketches of your finished homepage and other essential elements. From there I’ll craft a fully customized WordPress theme or take your existing one and kit it out.

At this point your site will function the way it should with logical and intuitive interior mapping, including menus, forms and other functionalities. You’ll have custom pages and posts designed for you and media sizing will be determined.


Let’s make it gorgeous! Once your site is functional we’ll beautify it by focusing on typography, interior design elements such as buttons, and menu hovers that provide a pleasant and interactive experience for your visitors. We’ll keep the message of your business laser focused.

Testing Phase

Uploading your site to the server will allow us to test it fully, ensuring all links go where they should and the bugs are ironed out. This is the fun part for me, you get to click around and make notes, I’ll do the fixing!

Training & Maintenance

Once your site is live and ready to go, it’s time to bring your baby home! That means I will teach you how to navigate and work within your WordPress dashboard system, allowing you to use this powerful CMS (content management system) to upload your content and media and publish to your heart’s content.

Building Your Brand

You want your clients to come back to your site again and again. The best way to achieve this is to publish meaningful content to social media with your message and the readers in mind. Utilizing the latest SEO strategies and proven referral techniques for your preferred social media platforms will impact your business in ways you will be proud.

Maintenance Packages

You have a business to love and grow and run. So let me do the heavy lifting in the back end of your site so you can get on with it.

I can help you with:

content creation and editing, site management, SEO best practices, analytics, website backups, media and plugin maintenance, site speed-testing optimization and security.

There are many ways your site can let you down. So why not let me take care of these essential services for you?

Drop me a line. Contact Lee-Anne today!